Hymns from the Echoes of Grace

This site hosts sheet-music PDFs, lyric text files, and computer-generated audio files for all the hymns in the Echoes of Grace hymn book. These hymns were engraved with LilyPond, and source files are available on GitHub.

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No. Title Poet Composer Tune default vanilla organ piano eogsized letter default latinized
1 “Come!” ’Tis Jesus Gently Calling John J. Overholt William J. Kirkpatrick Trust in Jesus
2 As the Serpent Raised by Moses John Newton John R. Sweney Take the World but Give Me Jesus
3 Behold, Behold the Lamb of God Joseph Hoskins D. F. Auber Ephesus
4 Behold the Saviour at the Door Joseph Grigg Henri F. Hemy, arr. by J. G. Walton St. Catherine
5 By Faith I See the Saviour Dying Richard Jukes D. F. Auber Ephesus
6 “Come Unto Me” Nathaniel Norton George C. Stebbins
7 My Hope on Nothing Less Is Built Edward Mote William B. Bradbury Solid Rock
8 Come, Weary, Anxious, Laden Soul Arthur H. D. Troyte Troyte
9 Redeemed by Blood Lowell Mason Ernan
10 Faith Is a Very Simple Thing John C. Ryle Asa Hull Remember Me
11 On Calvary’s Cross, Behold the One Adapted by Lowell Mason Hamburg
12 God Loved the World So Tenderly Fanny J. Crosby William J. Kirkpatrick
13 Grace! ’Tis a Charming Sound Philip Doddridge Ira D. Sankey
14 God Loved the World of Sinners Lost Martha M. Stockton William G. Fischer Wondrous Love
15 Oh What a Gift the Father Gave
16 God in Mercy Sent His Son Hannah K. Burlingham Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Herald Angels
17 He Comes! He Comes! Lowell Mason Ostend
18 How Precious and Pure Is the Truth J. S. Bach, arr. by Lewis Edson De Fleury
19 It Is Finished James Proctor Ira D. Sankey
20 Jesus of Nazareth Passeth By Emma Campbell Theodore E. Perkins
21 Make Room for Him George C. Stebbins
22 Jesus Is a Loving Saviour Lizzie S. Tourjée Wellesley
23 My Redeemer Philip P. Bliss James McGranahan My Redeemer
24 Jesus Only Can Impart Carl Maria von Weber Seymour
25 Oh, Have You Not Heard of That Wonderful Love? J. C. Englebrecht
26 In Rags and in Ruin Comfort
27 Oh, What a Glorious Truth Is This! Albert Midlane D. F. Auber Ephesus
28 Oh, What a Saviour Is Jesus the Lord! Thomas Kelly Abraham D. Merrill Triumph
29 Only Trust Him John H. Stockton John H. Stockton
30 Passing Onward, Quickly Passing Albert Midlane Thomas Hastings Zion
31 Precious, Precious Blood of Jesus Frances R. Havergal Henry W. Baker Stephanos
32 Yet There Is Room Horatius Bonar Ira D. Sankey
33 O Christ, What Burdens Bowed Thy Head! Anne Ross Cousin Ira D. Sankey
34 Salvation Through Christ Jesus Lowell Mason Missionary Hymn
35 Shall We Gather at His Coming? Robert Lowry Beautiful River
36 “Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted” Thomas Kelly Franz Joseph Haydn Austria
37 Tell Me the Old, Old Story Kate Hankey W. Howard Doane
38 The Gospel Bells S. Wesley Martin S. Wesley Martin
39 He Knew No Sin, That Holy One James Walch Sawley
40 The Gospel of Thy Grace Arthur T. Pierson James McGranahan
41 The Heavenly Bridegroom Soon Will Come E. F. Miller
42 The Great Physician William Hunter John H. Stockton
43 “Behold the Lamb” Enthroned on High
44 Just as I Am — Without One Plea Charlotte Elliot William B. Bradbury Woodworth
45 The Wanderer No More Will Roam Franz X. Gruber Silent Night
46 “Too Late, Too Late!” How Sad the Sound Thomas A. Arne Arlington
47 Rise, Dear Soul! Behold Thy Saviour A. P. Cecil Suffield
48 There Is Life in a Look Amelia M. Hull Edward G. Taylor Latakia
49 Verily, Verily James McGranahan James McGranahan
50 Vain Is the Thought of Man Mary Bowley Moreland
51 Eternity! Where? It Floats in the Air John R. Bryant William M. Horsey Eternity
52 Hark! Hark! Hear the Glad Tidings German
53 Weeping Will Not Save Me! Robert Lowry Robert Lowry
54 We Know There’s a Bright and a Glorious Home Margaret C. H. Wilson
55 Why ’Neath the Load of Your Sins Do Ye Toil? Thomas H. Bayly Long, Long Ago
56 Oh, Blessed Gospel Sound! Telegu Melody Happy Land
57 Almost Persuaded Philip P. Bliss Philip P. Bliss
58 Why Unbelieving German
59 Why Wilt Thou Linger I. Fleming
60 All Ye That Pass By Charles Wesley Benjamin Milgrove Harwich
61 Behold the Lamb! ’Tis He Who Bore Thomas Haweis Arr. by Harry T. Burleigh McKee
62 Behold the Lamb Whose Precious Blood
63 Broken Heart! The Fountain’s Open A. P. Cecil John A. Stevenson
64 “Call Them In” — The Poor, the Wretched Anna Shipton Philip P. Bliss Lower Lights
65 Christ Is the Only Saviour H. D’Arcy Champney Philip P. Bliss The Lifeboat
66 A Look to Jesus Saves the Soul Asa Hull Remember Me
67 Christ Is Coming. Are You Ready? Mrs. A. H. Rule F. M. Lamb
68 Christ Is the Saviour of Sinners Heyman Wreford James McGranahan Showers of Blessing
69 Come Sing, My Soul, and Praise the Lord El Nathan James McGranahan Redemption Ground
70 Christ Is Coming, Oh Be Ready Mrs. A. H. Rule Karl Friedrich Voigtländer Laßt mich geh’n
71 Come, Let Us All Unite to Sing Howard Kingsbury R. George Halls Christ for Me
72 Come to the Saviour, Come to the Saviour Old Scottish Melody
73 Come to the Saviour Now John M. Wigner Frederick C. Maker Invitation
74 Come to the Blood-Stained Tree
75 I Gave My Life for Thee Frances R. Havergal Philip P. Bliss Kenosis
76 “Come Unto Me, and I Will Give You Rest” H. D’Arcy Champney William H. Monk Eventide
77 Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy Joseph Hart Robert Edwards Caersalem
78 Come, Ye That Fear the Lord Old Melody Lorneville
79 Decide for Christ Today T. R. Dale Lewis Hartsough Welcome Voice
80 Down from the Glory Came God’s Blessed Son Arthur Cutting George C. Stebbins Jesus Is Calling
81 “It Is Finished!” Sinners, Hear It Thomas Kelly Henry T. Smart Regent Square
82 Ere God Had Built the Mountains William Cowper Samuel Sebastian Wesley Aurelia
83 Everlasting Glory Hannah K. Burlingham George F. Handel Maccabeus
84 Free from the Law Philip P. Bliss Philip P. Bliss Once for All
85 Just as Thou Art — Without One Trace Russell S. Cook William Blow Agnus Dei
86 Hark! The Saviour’s Voice from Heaven James Montgomery William B. Bradbury Even Me
87 Hark! Hark! The Voice of Christ H. D’Arcy Champney Henry T. Smart Pilgrims
88 Hail, Sovereign Love Jehoiada Brewer John E. Gould Bera
89 Hark Ye! Those Who Choose the Pleasures Russian Hymn Tune Ukraina
90 Have You Been to Jesus for the Cleansing Power? Elisha A. Hoffman Elisha A. Hoffman Washed in the Blood
91 On Christ Salvation Rests Secure Samuel Medley Lowell Mason Hebron
92 Have You Any Room for Jesus? El Nathan (arr.) C. C. Williams Any Room
93 Ho! Ye That Thirst, Approach the Spring W. Cameron Italian Hymn Tune Torino
94 Ho, You Thirsty, Jesus Calls You Philip P. Bliss Hold the Fort
95 I Have a Glorious Saviour Charlotte Gipps Ira D. Sankey Beneath the Cross of Jesus
96 If I Gained the World Anna Ölander Swedish Ölander
97 Oh, How Sweet the Gospel Message Klemens Müller Halle
98 Just on the Threshold George Cooper May Whittle Moody Moment by Moment
99 My Soul, Repeat His Praise Isaac Watts (Psalm 103) Genevan Psalter St. Michael
100 Let All Who Know the Joyful Sound James Foster Pembroke
101 Look, Thou Lost One, to the Saviour Arr. by George C. Stebbins Crown Him
102 Life at Best Is Very Brief William J. Kirkpatrick Meet Me There
103 Man of Sorrows! What a Name Philip P. Bliss Philip P. Bliss Man of Sorrows
104 Not All the Gold of All the World Albert Midlane Samuel A. Ward Materna
105 Nothing But the Name of Jesus Joseph P. Holbrook Refuge
106 O Christ, in Thee My Soul Hath Found Frances Bevan James McGranahan None But Christ
107 Oh, Do Not Let the Word Depart Eliza Reed Ira D. Sankey
108 Oh Precious Blood William B. Bradbury He Leadeth Me
109 Oh, the Love of God Is Boundless R. D. Edwards Tyrolean Melody Tyrol
110 Oh, Turn Now! Oh, Turn Now! Josiah Hopkins Ira D. Sankey Hiding in Thee
111 Once Again the Gospel Message El Nathan James McGranahan Come Believing
112 Only a Sinner James M. Gray Daniel B. Towner Only a Sinner
113 Only a Step to Jesus Fanny J. Crosby W. Howard Doane Only a Step to Jesus
114 Saved Through the Blood of Jesus H. D’Arcy Champney W. Howard Doane The Heart’s Refuge
115 “Himself He Could Not Save” Albert Midlane John Darwall Darwall
116 See Mercy, Mercy from on High Robert Sandeman From Geistliche Lieder Dusseldorf
117 Sinner, Thine’s a Lost Condition Philip P. Bliss
118 Softly and Tenderly Will L. Thompson Will L. Thompson Softly and Tenderly
119 The Blood Upon the Door Johnson Oatman Barney E. Warren
120 The Father Sent the Son Hannah K. Burlingham Daniel B. Towner Anywhere with Jesus
121 “All Things Are Ready,” Come Albert Midlane Genevan Psalter St. Michael
122 The Holy Lamb Has Died George W. Frazer Friedrich Silcher So nimm denn meine Hände
123 The Lamb Was Slain, His Precious Blood George W. Frazer John B. Dykes Melita
124 There Is a Saviour on High in the Glory E. B. Hartt Ira D. Sankey Intercession
125 Who Shall Give Me Rest? Gesangbuch mit Noten, 1890 Was mein Herz erfreut
126 There’s a Voice That Is Calling Joseph P. Webster Sweet Bye and Bye
127 Let Us Sing of His Love Once Again
128 Though All the Beasts That Live and Feed Thomas Kelly Lowell Mason Meribah
129 ’Tis a True and Faithful Saying Maud Fraser James McGranahan
130 To God Be the Glory Fanny J. Crosby W. Howard Doane To God Be the Glory
131 We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died Thomas Kelly Ralph Harrison Warrington
132 We Have Heard the Joyful Sound Priscilla J. Owens William Kirkpatrick Jesus Saves
133 With Joy and with Gladness There Stand a Great Throng Arthur T. Pierson Philip P. Bliss
134 What Will You Do with Jesus? Nathaniel Norton George C. Stebbins
135 There Is No Other Name than Thine Genevan Psalter, 1551 Old Hundredth
136 When the Harvest Is Past Samuel F. Smith Hugh H. McGranahan
137 He Left the Brightness of His Home Arthur H. D. Troyte Troyte. Adpt
138 “Whosoever Will” Philip P. Bliss Philip P. Bliss
139 What Can Wash Away My Sins? Robert Lowry Robert Lowry
140 Will Your Anchor Hold? Priscilla J. Owens William J. Kirkpatrick
141 How Vast, How Full, How Free Albert Midlane William H. Monk St. Ethelwald
142 Ye Must Be Born Again William T. Sleeper George C. Stebbins
143 The Lord’s My Shepherd Francis Rous (Scottish Psalter, 1650) George T. Smart Wiltshire
144 “A Little While” — The Lord Shall Come James G. Deck William B. Bradbury Sweet Hour of Prayer
145 May the Grace of Christ Our Saviour John Newton Dimitri S. Bortniansky, arr. by John A. Stevenson Vesper Hymn
146 All the Path the Saints Are Treading Mrs. J. A. Trench George F. Handel (adapted)
147 And Did the Holy and the Just Anne Steele Alexander R. Reinagle St. Peter
148 Lord, While Our Souls in Faith Repose Mary Bowley “Hymns and Sacred Poems,” Dublin Irish
149 Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine Fanny J. Crosby Phoebe Palmer Knapp
150 Break Forth and Sing the Song Isaac Watts George F. Handel, arr. by Aaron Williams St. Thomas
151 “No Condemnation!” — Precious Word Robert C. Chapman Lowell Mason Barrow
152 Brightness of the Eternal Glory Robert Robinson Hamilton
153 Jesus! Life-Giving Sound Charles Wesley Lewis Edson Lenox
154 The Atoning Work Is Done Thomas Kelly
155 By Thee, O God, Invited Mary Bowley William G. Fischer Hankey
156 Child of God, by Christ’s Salvation Henry F. Lyte Ernst Gebhardt
157 Christ the Lord Is Coming Minna Koch Minna
158 Come, Let Us Sing the Matchless Worth Samuel Medley Sussex
159 God Be with You Jeremiah E. Rankin William G. Tomer God Be With You
160 Though in a Foreign Land Augustus M. Toplady Johann B. König Franconia
161 God Moves in a Mysterious Way William Cowper William Croft St. Anne
162 O Lord! ’Tis Joy to Look Above James G. Deck Stephen Jenks Communion
163 Guide Us, O Thou Gracious Saviour William Williams, tr. by Peter Williams Friedrich Filitz, adapted by Lowell Mason Mannheim
164 Have I an Object, Lord, Below George W. Frazer Winfield S. Weeden Mother’s Prayer
165 Jesus! How Much Thy Name Unfolds Mary Bowley William Gardiner Belmont
166 In Hope We Lift Our Wishful, Longing Eyes James G. Deck Edward J. Hopkins Ellers
167 I Know Not Why God’s Wondrous Grace El Nathan James McGranahan El Nathan
168 In Tenderness He Sought Me W. Spencer Walton Adoniram J. Gordon
169 Blest Be the Tie That Binds John Fawcett Johann G. Nägeli, arr. by Lowell Mason Dennis
170 Jesus! Oh Name Divinely Sweet! Samuel Stennett English Melody Mendip
171 On the Lamb Our Souls Are Resting Frances Bevan (from German) German Zurich
172 Lamb of God, We Bow Before Thee Elizabeth Darkey Jean-Jacques Rousseau Greenville
173 Long Did I Toil, and Knew No Earthly Rest Henry F. Lyte Jean Sibelius Finlandia
174 Glory to God on High! Thomas Kelly America
175 Low in the Grave He Lay Robert Lowry Robert Lowry Christ Arose
176 Oh, What a Debt We Owe George V. Wigram César Malan Silchester
177 Nor Silver Nor Gold James M. Gray Daniel B. Towner
178 Glory Unto Jesus Be! Archibald Rutherford Justin H. Knecht Vienna
179 Nothing But Christ, as on We Tread Samuel O’Malley Cluff Robert H. Earnshaw Arizona
180 Whom Have We, Lord, But Thee? Mary Bowley Aaron Williams Dover
181 O Head Once Full of Bruises Bernard of Clairvaux, tr. by John Gambold Frederick C. Maker St. Christopher
182 O Jesus! Friend Unfailing! Samuel C. G. Küster, tr. by Hannah K. Burlingham
183 O Lamb of God, Still Keep Us James G. Deck Lowell Mason Missionary Hymn
184 Oh, Remember From the Slovak of Mária Royová Mária Royová
185 On His Father’s Throne Is Seated Hannah K. Burlingham Thomas Olivers Helmsley
186 One Day! J. Wilbur Chapman Charles H. Marsh One Day
187 Scarlet, Scarlet! Robert Lowry
188 Our Lord Is Now Rejected Daniel W. Whittle James McGranahan
189 Our Sins Were Borne by Jesus Horatius Bonar Charles Darnton Bridlington
190 Saviour! Lead Us by Thy Power William Williams Collected by Asahel Nettleton Nettleton
191 Saviour, Through the Desert Lead Us Thomas Kelly William B. Bradbury Bradbury
192 Simply Trusting Every Day Edgar Page Stites Ira D. Sankey Trusting Jesus
193 Sweet Peace, the Gift of God’s Love Peter P. Bilhorn Peter P. Bilhorn Sweet Peace
194 Take the Name of Jesus with You Lydia Baxter W. Howard Doane
195 The Lord Himself Shall Come James Montgomery George J. Elvey Diademata
196 The Lord of Life Is Risen George W. Frazer Moravian Melody Far Off Lands
197 The Saviour Is Coming John Ellis My Jesus, I Love Thee
198 There Is a Name We Love to Hear Frederick Whitfield Los Angeles
199 When We Survey the Wondrous Cross Isaac Watts Edward Miller Rockingham
200 ’Tis the Hope of His Coming Mrs. A. H. Rule Philip P. Bliss Hallelujah! ’Tis Done
201 Trust and Obey John H. Sammis Daniel B. Towner Trust and Obey
202 How Blest a Home! Mrs. J. A. Trench Old English Melody Prospect
203 Shine Forth, O Lord French Hymn Melody Viens, Seigneur
204 A Little Talk with Jesus Robert L. Allan H. Hankinson
205 Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep! Margaret Mackay William B. Bradbury Rest
206 ’Tis Sweet to Think of Those at Rest Samuel Prideaux Tregelles James C. Wade Holy Cross
207 “But for a Moment” Adelaide A. Procter George C. Stebbins
208 We’ll Sing of the Shepherd That Died Thomas Kelly J. S. Bach, arr. by Lewis Edson De Fleury
209 Bright in the Glory
210 Calvary William McKendree Darwood John R. Sweney
211 Christian, Walk Carefully Words Arranged George C. Stebbins
212 Christ Returneth H. L. Turner James McGranahan
213 Close to Thee Fanny J. Crosby Silas J. Vail Close to Thee
214 “Forever with the Lord!” James Montgomery Isaac B. Woodbury Nearer Home
215 Happy They Who Trust in Jesus Thomas Kelly Joseph P. Holbrook Segur
216 How Good Is the God We Adore Joseph Hart Elland
217 Oh Bright and Blessed Scenes J. N. Darby George Tredcroft Solyma
218 He Is Coming German Melody
219 His Be the Victor’s Name Samuel Whitelock Gandy W. P. Victor
220 I Am Not Told to Labor Albert Midlane George J. Webb Webb
221 I Am Thine, O Lord Fanny J. Crosby W. Howard Doane I Am Thine
222 I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say Horatius Bonar Johann C. H. Rinck, arr. by George F. Root Varina
223 I See the Crowd in Pilate’s Hall
224 He Is Coming! — Who Is Coming? Henry T. Smart Regent Square
225 I Left It All with Jesus Ellen H. Willis Miss H. M. Warner
226 I Once Was a Stranger Robert Murray McCheyne John Francis Wade Adeste Fideles
227 I Was a Wandering Sheep Horatius Bonar John Zundel Lebanon
228 In Heavenly Love Abiding Anna L. Waring Confidence
229 It Passeth Knowledge Mary Shekleton Ira D. Sankey It Passeth Knowledge
230 I’ve Found a Friend James G. Small George C. Stebbins Friend
231 Jesus, That Name Is Love James G. Deck Lowell Mason Oak
232 Christ the Lord Will Come Again Joseph Swain The Parish Choir, 1850 Innocents
233 Now I Have Found a Friend Henry J. M. Hope Henry Bennett Jesus Mine
234 Lead Me, Saviour Frank M. Davis Frank M. Davis
235 Lift Up Your Heads, Eternal Gates E. L. B. C. L.
236 Lo, He Comes, from Heaven Descending Charles Wesley Lowell Mason Harwell
237 Lord, Thy Love Has Sought and Found Us J. J. Hopkins William B. Bradbury Even Me
238 Love Not the World Mrs. A. H. Rule Mrs. A. H. Rule
239 Midst the Darkness, Storm and Sorrow Frances Bevan J. Revell
240 Mighty, Mighty Love of Jesus George C. Stebbins
241 More than Tongue Can Tell Jane E. Hall Jane E. Hall
242 My God, I Have Found J. Denham Smith John J. Husband Revive Us Again
243 My Heart Is Fixed, Eternal God Richard Jukes R. George Halls Christ for Me
244 One Priest Alone Can Pardon Me Adelaide A. Procter H. Bennett
245 O Blessed, Precious Saviour A. H. Rule Alicia A. Spottiswoode
246 Oh, for the Robe of Whiteness Charitie Lees Smith Bancroft Lowell Mason Work
247 O Gracious Saviour G. Cutting and A. Mace
248 Oh Happy Day That Fixed My Choice Philip Doddridge Attributed to Edward F. Rimbault Happy Day
249 Oh, How He Loves! John Newton, adapted by Marianne Nunn Hubert P. Main
250 O Lord! We Would Delight in Thee John Ryland German Merton
251 O Lord, How Does Thy Mercy Throw William E. Littlewood George F. Root Shining Shore
252 A Mind at “Perfect Peace” with God Horatius Bonar, Catesby Paget William H. Havergal Evan
253 Oh! Why Did Jesus Leave His Home? Alex. Arbuckle Munhall
254 Not All the Blood of Beasts Isaac Watts Lowell Mason Boylston
255 Not to Ourselves We Owe
256 Some Day A. H. Rule Mrs. A. H. Rule
257 Our Times Are in Thy Hand William F. Lloyd Johann G. Nägeli, arr. by Lowell Mason Dennis
258 Many Sons to Glory Bringing Mary Bowley Wilhelm Brockhaus Rhineland
259 Rock of Ages! Augustus M. Toplady Thomas Hastings Toplady
260 Precious Word of Deepest Meaning From Mozart
261 Lord Jesus, Are We One with Thee? James G. Deck Collected by Henry W. Greatorex Manoah
262 Satisfied with Thee Miss C. A. Wellesley Mrs. E. Milne
263 The Glory Shines Before Me! Hannah K. Burlingham Miss S. M. Walker
264 The Perfect Righteousness of God Albert Midlane John W. Hatton Duke Street
265 We Joy in Our God W. Yerbury Henry J. Gauntlett Houghton
266 We’ll Praise Thee, Glorious Lord J. N. Darby Dr. G. O. Baily Armington
267 There Is a Better World Above John Lyth Hubert P. Main Better World
268 There Is a Stream of Precious Blood William Cowper Arr. by Lowell Mason Cowper
269 This World Is a Wilderness Wide! J. N. Darby Faithfulness
270 And Is It So — I Shall Be Like Thy Son? J. N. Darby William H. Monk Eventide
271 The Sands of Time Are Sinking Anne Ross Cousin Chrétien Urhan Rutherford
272 Thou Art Coming, Loving Saviour Hannah K. Burlingham François H. Barthélémon Autumn
273 Up Yonder, in a Heavenly Mansion A. H. Rule Stephen C. Foster
274 Love Divine, All Praise Excelling Charles Wesley John Zundel Beecher
275 We Are by Christ Redeemed Mary Bowley Priory
276 We Sing of the Realms of the Blest Elizabeth K. Mills Celeste
277 We Speak of the Mercy of God
278 We Hear the Words of Love Horatius Bonar George F. Handel, arr. by Aaron Williams St. Thomas
279 I’m Waiting for Thee, Lord Hannah K. Burlingham Scotch Waiting
280 What, Sinner, Can You Do? Arr. from Montgomery London
281 We Wait for Thee, O Son of God Philipp Friedrich Hiller, tr. by Hannah K. Burlingham Severus Gastorius Was Gott tut
282 What a Friend We Have in Jesus Joseph M. Scriven Charles C. Converse Converse
283 What Cheering Words Are These! John Kent Ralph Harrison Cambridge
284 Jesus, My Lord Mrs. A. H. Rule David Baridon
285 Well May We Sing, with Triumph Sing George V. Wigram George F. Handel, arr. by Lowell Mason Antioch
286 When Israel, by Divine Command John Newton Este’s Psalter Dumferline
287 Oh! The Peace Forever Flowing A. P. Cecil German Batavia
288 Rise, My Soul! Behold, ’Tis Jesus J. Denham Smith Sicilian Air Sicilian Mariners
289 Who Is He? Benjamin R. Hanby Benjamin R. Hanby
290 Praise the Saviour Thomas Kelly German Acclaim
291 Glory, Glory Everlasting Thomas Kelly William L. Viner Dismissal
292 What Will It Be to Dwell Above? Joseph Swain Henri F. Hemy Stella
293 A Little Ship Was on the Sea Dorothy A. Thrupp D. B. Thompson Alida
294 Around the Throne of God in Heaven Anna H. Shepherd Henry E. Matthews Children’s Praises
295 Hark! The Voice of Jesus Calling Albert Midlane Lowell Mason Evening Prayer
296 Awake! Awake! In Happy Song Samuel J. Stanley Warwick
297 Christ Could Not Be Hid W. G. Fischer Whiter than Snow
298 Jesus Is Calling the Children T. W. Stewart Alice Gausby Shepherd
299 Come, Children, and Learn of the Infinite Grace Richard Redhead Grace
300 If Little Children Knew the Love Samuel Arnold Arnold
301 Here’s a Message of Love Anne Houlditch Shepherd Mrs. W. Page Waters
302 The Bible Tells Us Jesus Came Arr. by Robert B. Robertson Clark
303 Jesus Christ Is Passing By J. Denham Smith Wenzel Müller, from Mozart Nottingham
304 How Loving Is Jesus Randall H. Ballantyne Adoniram J. Gordon Gordon
305 The Saviour Is Loving
306 Like a Little Wandering Lamb Gerhard Tersteegen, tr. by Frances Bevan Miss A. Gausby Homeward
307 How Many Children Say Friedrich Schneider, arr. by Lowell Mason Lischer
308 I Love to Hear the Story Emily H. Miller George F. Root Ellon
309 I Think When I Read That Sweet Story Jemima Thompson Luke Arr. by William B. Bradbury Sweet Story
310 Come to Jesus Just Now Edward P. Hammond
311 Children, Can You Tell Me Why? John E. Gould Pilot
312 Jesus Loves Me! Anna B. Warner William B. Bradbury Jesus Loves Me
313 “God Is in Heaven: Can He Hear?” Ann Taylor Gilbert Campmeeting
314 Dear Children, Have You Ever Heard? John Randall Cambridge New
315 Jesus Loves the Little Ones A. & E. Gausby
316 Children Once to Israel’s King César Malan Hendon
317 The Lord Attends When Children Pray John Burton William B. Bradbury Brown
318 Jesus Will Bless the Little Ones John John G. Foote
319 Little Child, Do You Love Jesus? William B. Bradbury Montclair
320 Only an Act of Kindness Mrs. C. Kingsbury John R. Sweney Only a Beam of Sunshine
321 And Is It True, as I Am Told? Amelia M. Hull Lowell Mason Meribah
322 Oh! Come to Jesus, Children, Come J. C. Embry Will You Go
323 There’s a Friend for Little Children Albert Midlane Edward L. White Watcher
324 Tell It Again! Mary B. C. Slade Rigdon M. McIntosh
325 Suffer Little Children Mrs. Page
326 To Israel’s Land, When Israel Sinned Wilson
327 When Mothers of Salem William M. Hutchings German Melody, arr. by A. Rhodes Salem
328 A Little Child of Seven George J. Webb Webb
329 A Little Lamb Went Straying Albert Midlane Johann C. F. Haeffner O, du mitt hjärtas trängtan
330 A Message Came from Heaven
331 For God So Loved the World Frances Townsend Alfred B. Smith
332 Christ the Saviour of Sinners Came Inglis Fleming Philip P. Bliss Wonderful Words of Life
333 Come to the Saviour, Make No Delay George F. Root George F. Root
334 Glad T-I-D-I-N-G-S Ralph E. Hudson At the Cross
335 I Am So Glad That Our Father in Heaven Philip P. Bliss Philip P. Bliss
336 I Am the Door
337 If I Come to Jesus Fanny J. Crosby W. Howard Doane If I Come To Jesus
338 I Love My Saviour Hubert Sweetman & F. W. Schwartz B. B. McKinney
339 I Love to Sing of Jesus R. D. Edwards From Gioacchino Rossini Hora Novissima
340 Happy Is the Boy W. Perkins, Jr.
341 Jesus Bids Us Shine Susan Warner Edwin O. Excell
342 Jesus Came from Heaven
343 Jesus Is Our Shepherd Hugh Stowell Thomas Hastings Broughton
344 Jesus, My Saviour, to Bethlehem Came A. N. E. E. Hasty (arr.)
345 Jesus Loves the Little Children Clarence H. Woolston George F. Root Children
346 Jesus Who Lives Above the Sky Ann Taylor Gilbert Grateful Praise
347 Jesus, When He Left the Sky
348 Little Children, Heavy-Laden S. J. D. Rideau Ferry
349 News for Little Children Albert Midlane Arthur Sullivan St. Gertrude
350 Hear Christ Calling, “Come Unto Me” Harry D. Clarke Harry D. Clarke
351 One Door and Only One
352 Oh, Won’t You Come to Jesus While You’re Young Alfred A. Graley
353 Come to Jesus, Come Today H. A. Davis
354 Oh! Would You Know My Saviour? Charlotte Gipps W. A. Smith Spes Celestis
355 Safe in Christ H. D’Arcy Champney W. Howard Doane Near the Cross
356 Sing the Saviour’s Praises George F. Root Ring the Bells of Heaven
357 Something More than Gold T. P. Hamilton
358 Tell Me the Story of Jesus Fanny J. Crosby John R. Sweney Story of Jesus
359 Those Who Are Young, O God Albert Midlane Lowell Mason Bethany
360 There Is a City Bright Mary Anne S. Gibson Deck James Sherman Tyler City Bright
361 There Is a Happy Land Andrew Young Telegu Melody Happy Land
362 Two Little Eyes C. C. Kerr Steven V. R. Ford Two Little Eyes
363 The Flood Gordon Hayhoe George Lomas Chamouni
364 Little Children, Praise the Saviour George F. Handel
365 We Are Glad We Ever Heard the Blessed News William B. Bradbury Marching On
366 We Are Little Children, Very Young Indeed Fanny J. Crosby Hubert P. Main Portbrush
367 When He Cometh William O. Cushing George F. Root Jewels
368 Who Came Down from Heaven to Earth? El Nathan James McGranahan
369 Wide as the Ocean C. Austin Miles C. Austin Miles
370 Yield Not to Temptation Horatio R. Palmer Horatio R. Palmer
371 At Calvary William R. Newell Daniel B. Towner
372 How Wondrous a Saviour L. H. Farrell George C. Stebbins Holiness
373 The Master Is Come W. E. Cullum William J. Kirkpatrick He Hideth My Soul
374 Oh Come to Jesus, Sinner, Come J. T. Armet (arr.) James McGranahan None But Christ
375 O Soul, Are You Weary Helen Howarth Lemmel Helen Howarth Lemmel Lemmel
376 Now Have I Seen Thee and Found Thee Heinrich Suso, tr. by Frances Bevan
377 “Revive Thy Work, O Lord!” Albert Midlane William H. Walter Festal Song
378 The Father from Eternity Philipp Nicolai Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern
379 O My Saviour Crucified Robert C. Chapman Louis Moreau Gottschalk Last Hope
a1 Arr. by Thomas Ravenscroft (Scottish Psalter, 1615) Dundee
a2 Alberto Randegger Vespers
a3 Lowell Mason Cyprus
a4 George C. Stebbins Saved by Grace
a5 William B. Bradbury Olive’s Brow
a6 Martin Luther (Geistliche Lieder, 1535) Luther
a7 Simeon B. Marsh Martyn
a8 J. Revell, 1885 A Praise Song